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My name is Tatiana Darash.

I fell in love with photography ever since I got my hands on a film camera (Smena) when I was a young girl. Over the years, I pursued my creativity through a variety of different channels like graphic design and painting, though photography, my first love, was never more than just a hobby.
Lately, photography has been bringing me more and more joy, and is an art form I’d love to explore further. I graduated from the Online iPhone Photo Academy and took online DSLR photo classes through New Skill Academy and Shaw Academy.

Several of my photos got on the winners list of iPhone Photo Academy competitions. I also participate in the international, challenge-based, professional online photography community GuruShots, where 7 of my photos were selected to be digitally exhibited in numerous galleries worldwide — Los Angeles, US;  Milan, Italy; Athens, Greece and Melbourne, Australia.